Due to COVID-19 I will be temporarily suspending in-person services as of March 16th, 2020. This will be reassessed as the pandemic evolves. I recommend that you stay home and practice social distancing! Please stay apprised of the situation through the CDC's website.

During this time of uncertainty and social distancing we can find ourselves with new levels of stress, anxiety and loneliness. I am now offering a 30 minute video Telehealth call to help promote mental and physical wellbeing to new and existing patients. Depending on your insurance coverage this can be submitted to insurance. 


During our session together I will offer:

  • Personalized seated meditations with guided acupressure

  • Personalized moving meditations (qi gong)

  • Nutritional guidance and lifestyle suggestions rooted in Chinese medicine

Use the link below to schedule and pay for your session. Once the appointment is confirmed I will send further instructions. Please notify me if you have any troubles getting yourself on the schedule. 

Telemedicine Offering